We’re chiropractors, we get it. We can’t be everything to everybody! To be truly successful with your health you need a team to cover all the bases. With that in mind, here’s our list of local practitioners and national resources that we believe in and are proud of our relationship with. To your health!

Local resources that we recommend and stand behind.

MD’s or ND’s

    Gail Dubinsky, MD:
    Moses Goldberg, ND – Integrated Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa:

Orthopedic Surgeons

    Kent Yinger, MD – Orthopedic Surgery Center:
    Kai Mazur, MD & Gary Stein, MD – Santa Rosa Orthopaedics :

Physical Therapy

    Mark Archambault, PT, PhD, CSCS – Back to Golf:


    James Forni, DDS – Cosmetic Dentistry:
    Jenise Briggs, DDS – Pediatric Dentistry: 707-584-3718


    Shelley Werner, L.Ac:
    Debra Gorman, L.Ac:
    Viola Huang-Beck, L.Ac:


    Tom Allen – Works out of Bernd Chiropractic: 707-591-4461
    Santa Rosa Medical Massage:
    Vicki Chung – Sports Massage Therapy:

Yoga, Pilates & Dance

    Yoga One:
    Three Dog Yoga:
    Annadel Dance & Fitness Studio:

Alexander Technique & Feldenkrais Method

    Michael Joseph (Alexander) – Awareness in Motion:
    Cate Thomas (Feldenkrais) – Back into Life:


    Crossfit NorthGate:
    Josh Ricci – Personal Trainer:
    LP Fitness – Interval Circuit Training:

Martial Arts

    NorCal Fighting Alliance:

Cosmetic Surgery

    Dr. Stanley Jacobs:

National Resources