What people are saying about Bernd Chiropractic:

“Dr. Matt has been a godsend!  He is a fabulous chiropractor, really knows his physiology, and is funny as heck!
Dealing with scoliosis, I see him regularly.  He’s just an all-around awesome person.”
– Julie S, Santa Rosa

“Dr. Matt was fantastic. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a very good educator about what the problem at hand is, why it’s happening, and the actions you can take to improve your situation. I recommend making an appointment if you have any muscular or joint ailments.”
– Mark W, Santa Rosa

“Dr. Matt is a great doctor! He takes the time to really get to know you. He doesn’t just crack your back (although he does that very well). He makes sure you understand all aspects of your body. How eating well, less stress and other things are just as important as having your back aligned. Also he’s always doing research and reading up on new ways to improve his practice.”
– Jon P, Upland

“I had hip pain and it hurt to walk sometimes. After seeing Matt Bernd, I felt better after a few visits. I still see him sometimes to get my back adjusted and I’m feeling better than ever. He’s very personable and I’m comfortable having him as my chiropractor!”
– Monica K, Santa Rosa

“Dr. Mike Bernd is the best chiropractor I have ever used, in 30 years of being a chiropractic patient. He is a true healer, and even though I’m usually in pain when I have the occasion to need to see him, I find myself looking forward to it because he is such an amazing, positive person and I always leave his office feeling 500% better than when I came in.

What I’d most like to impart about my experience is that he is an expert not only in chiropractic, but in health and supplementation. He is a literal encyclopedia of information about the latest and greatest research in health and wellness, and takes a very holistic approach towards medicine with his patients. He is very patient and doesn’t rush you through his office, and takes whatever time is necessary to get you healed and your body functioning correctly again. Most importantly, he truly wants you well and on your way and doesn’t attempt any of the chiropractic mill shenanigans that so many DC’s unfortunately engage in to keep patients coming back unnecessarily and more $$ in their own pockets. All Mike and his brother Matt care about is getting you healed and on your way, and I really appreciate their high level of integrity in that regard.

I can’t say enough about Mike, and I certainly can’t imagine going anywhere else for the rest of my life. I’ve often joked with friends that even if it weren’t for the awesome weather in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, I’d find it really hard to ever leave here because I’d have to leave my awesome doc/chiropractor behind, and that just wouldn’t do!
– Sean D, Santa Rosa

“Dr. Matt,

I want to take a moment to thank you for your support, and for allowing me to continue to do what I love by sponsoring my last few fights. I cannot express how helpful and important it has been to have you push my conditioning to new levels and to keep me healthy and adjusted before my bouts.

Your support and friendship mean a lot to me and I look forward to having you in my corner for my next and future bouts!
– Marcello Vincent “The Italian Bull” Cassero